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Zoom Simply Buzz Off - DEET FREE SPRAY
Zoom Simply Buzz Off - DEET FREE SPRAY

Simply Buzz Off - DEET FREE SPRAY

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Simply Buzz off- A DEET free spray that is safe for the whole family. Even those fur babies. Anti-aging and Insect repelling all in one.
  • Children and Pet Safe.
  • NO Water 
  • NO Chemical Preservatives
  • Concentrated & safe to use
 ALL the ingredients we use in our formula & why Amanda chose these ingredients and benefits. Hope you enjoy.
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - Anti-aging, tones the skin and helps itchy skin. 
  • Organic Witch hazel - skin toner, anti-aging, reduces inflammation just to name a few.
  • Organic Neem Oil - Insect repellant, helps with fleas and ticks along with soft bodied insects. Excellent for the skin - loaded with Vitamin E & fights free radicals! YES Please. (I use neem oil for my cats ears to keep ear mites away and fleas with some other oils.)
  • Organic Castor Oil - BUG repellant!!! YES, and non-toxic. Its used in pets to get rid of tumor growth. Its a great skin soother, and especially for problematic skin. A little goes a long ways.
  • 91% alcohol - keeps the skin clean and promotes healing. It also distributes the product evenly. (FYI, it helps with arthritis and joint pain)
  • Organic Eucalyptus -  repels insects like gnats, ants, flies and mosquitoes. Retains skin moisture, opens your sinuses, helps with problematic skin.
  • Organic Lemongrass Oil -  a top mosquito repellant. Excellent to deter fleas and other insects as well. Anti-inflammatory for the skin and helps fight headaches. Great for pets as well.
  • Organic Lavender -  insect repellant and natural insecticide. Prevents insect bites. It repels flies, mosquitos, fleas and spiders. Helps with dry skin and cuts; it is also anti-aging and fights free radicals. As aromatherapy it promotes relaxation & inhibits headaches.
  • Organic Geranium Oil -  Insect repellant, it is often overlooked in cases of bug use. ProAging for skin. This is a top ingredient in natural pet sprays.
  • Organic Rosemary Oil -  especially repells mosquitoes. It is great for the skin, anti-aging, problematic, and moisturizes. AND... did you know, smelling and eating rosemary can help improve brain function? You should also plant in your garden to keep bugs away.
  • Organic Cedarwood Oil; Natural bug KILLER. This is a must have in any natural insect spray. It is very effective in small amounts. AND this one kills bed bugs too! YEP... no bug likes Cedarwood oil. Its also good for the skin for the antiseptic properties. Great for the scalp and hair loss too. Pet products use lots of cedarwood oil.
We believe in giving you the best and most effective products we can. Amanda has done almost 2 years of research for the bug spray. It was important for her because she lives in Florida and its nonstop bugs there. She is allergic to mosquito bites, they become large red welts larger than quarters. She has fully tested it with great success... not one bite. NOT ONE. It smells good and soft on the skin.
It is very important to us that this is SAFE FOR CHILDREN AND PETS. And as we are all about ProAging... it had to be Anti-aging and good for the skin. This is a strong working spray but safe for everyone. We are very proud of this one.

Simply Buzz Off - DEET FREE SPRAY

$19.20 USD Regular price $24.00 USD

Shipping will resume Oct 14th. Enjoy your FREEBIE Trio as a gift for your understanding! xoxo


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