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Zoom Mineral Foundation - Shade Match Sets
Zoom Mineral Foundation - Shade Match Sets
Zoom Mineral Foundation - Shade Match Sets
Zoom Mineral Foundation - Shade Match Sets

Mineral Foundation - Shade Match Sets

$7.95 USD

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Hey Enhance, balance, soothe & protect your skin with SimplyFAB’s versatile loose Mineral Foundation. Ideal for all lifestyles; Perspiration-proof & water resistant, while still letting the skin breath 
  • Chose from 3 Sample Sets (ea sample is a generous .45 gms)
    • light: For the palest of the pale caucasians who burn easily.

      • Includes (Abundance, Blessed, Divine, Dreamy)
      • Med-Light: for the majority of Caucasians, and Europeans, Mediterranean women, and light-skinned Latinas

        • Includes (Hopeful, Inspired, Joyful, Lovely)
        • medium: for Latinas, Middle Easterners, Japanese, Korean, Phillipinas, South Vietnamese, Thai, and some Chinese, and light-skinned African Americans, or bi-racial

          • Includes: (Luminous, Majestic, Optimistic, Peaceful)
      • Built in sunscreen (Contains Zinc & Titanium which are natural sunscreens)
      • Stays put —> 18+ hours
      • Versatile & Buildable - can apply from sheer to Full coverage without a heavy or cakey feel
      • Contains no talc, no bismuth, perfume, dyes, or harsh chemicals
      • Controls oil and yet isn’t drying.
      • Very soothing to the skin, great for sensitive skin.
      • Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic
      • ProAging


      • Abundance - Classic Ivory - for very lightest of skin tones with a pink undertone. 
      • BlessedYellow undertone for the peaches and cream complexion. Formulated on Irish skin, it suits very light Caucasians with yellow undertones, with just a hint of peach. Also suitable for Asian complexions.
      • Divineneutral shade that looks very natural on light skin with pink or neutral undertones. It helps tone down ruddiness and even skin tone.
        • Dreamy
      • cool, olive shade for light skin, including some Asian skin tones.
      • HopefulLight yellow undertone for caucasian and light asian skin tones, *has a faint pink hue.
        • Inspired
      • a “pink” shade in the light-medium range. It can be blended with Abundance to lighten it, or Luminous to darken it.
        • Joyful
      • a neutral, a bit darker than Divine. It melts right in on skin that does not exhibit strong tones of yellow or pink, but falls in between.
      • Lovely - light olive-skin with Mediterranean or Latin backgrounds.
      • Luminous - leans toward the red tones, but has a warm bronze base. Can also be for Caucasian skin that is tan either from summer activities, or use of a tanning facility. 
      • Majestic - For Caucasian women darker than Luminous; Latin skin & light skinned African American women with pink/caramel undertones.
      • Optimistic -Deep, peachy yellow undertones bring out the warm tones of this complexion.  For Latinas, Southeast Asians, Native Americans, or light skinned African-American women.
      • Peaceful -Cool burnished tones in the medium range, primarily use by Latinas and African-Americans, as well as Phillipinas.

          *apply primer, allow it to absorb
          *Flip up inner lid of foundation jar
          * gently swirl SimplyFAB kabuki brush to pickup your desired amount of foundation
          * apply where desired, layer as desired

          Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, iron oxides, mica, ultramarine blue. May Contain: zinc oxide, silica.

          Mineral Foundation - Shade Match Sets

          $7.95 USD

          Shipping will resume Oct 14th. Enjoy your FREEBIE Trio as a gift for your understanding! xoxo


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