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Get Radiant Super Tea *Organic *HERBAL
Get Radiant Super Tea *Organic *HERBAL
Get Radiant Super Tea *Organic *HERBAL
Get Radiant Super Tea *Organic *HERBAL
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Get Radiant Super Tea *Organic *HERBAL

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True beauty comes from within & we can all use a little delicious help!

This ProAging organic, rooibos-based, naturally caffeine-free herbal tisane tea blend is brimming with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties  - your new best friend for your skin & hair... drink it daily & start tracking your results!!

Created, formulated & packaged by Fredrica 

Pro Tips:

  • Save the herbs after brewing & add to meals (add at end of soup, roast, salad etc) to enjoy full benefits!!
  • Soak Treatment Cloth in tea, cool in refrigerator, apply to face while lying down for at least 20 mins.
It's a Super Beauty Tea = Packed with ALL Organic super immune boosting ingredients (like everything we do at SimplyFAB). All the Ingredient benefits that you may enjoy...
  • Red Rooibos tea (herb) (Fair Trade) - Exquisite Nectar-like flavor... from the highest Mt peaks of South Africa - contains antioxidants, trace minerals, and nutrients.  May....
    • reduce wrinkles & boost healthy skin cell production
    • flavonoids help prevent eczema & fight acne
    • anti-bacterial & hypoallergenic properties
    • skin shine with Vit D & zinc
    • boost hair growth & strengthens roots (rich in minerals of zinc, calcium, copper & potassium)
    • prevent gray hair due to high level of copper
    • boost immune system
    • prevent heart attacks, strokes, cancer due to high antioxidant level
    • lower blood pressure = lowers stress 
  • Ginger root - ProAgng; anti-inflammatory; evens skin tone; boosts skin elasticity
  • Peppermint - may boost clear skin
  • Dandelion root - may increase generation of new skin cells; reduce skin irritation, inflammation, increase hydration & collagen production.
  • Holy Basil - Antimicrobial - May prevent acne, skin infections, Eczema, strengthen hair follicles, reduces dandruff & premature graying of hair
  • Gotu kola - may boost formation of collagen & skin tissue for skin elasticity & glow. 
  • Burdock root - Anti-inflammatory & Antibacterial may reduce acne, psoriasis & eczema.
  • Rose Petals - Antioxidant (Vit C) - regulates female issues; also good for digestion (gut), stress booster. & skin clarity.
  • Sea Buckthorn Berry - 12 times the Vit C of an orange, huge anti-inflammatory, reduces wrinkles, firms skin, hydrates, reduces acne, boosts cell regeneration
  • Aloe leaves - Calms skin, reduces inflammation
  • Rose Hips - High in Vit C - promotes collagen, ProAging, skin firming & protects cells from sun damage
  • Pitaya (Dragon fruit) - Vit C source - High Antioxidant value, ProAging, reduces acne, detoxifying & boosts skin glow
  • Orange peel - promotes glowing skin, detoxifying, skin renewing & anti-histamine

Set Includes:

  • approx 30 servings tea
  • tea tin with airtight lid
  • 25 eco friendly disposable tea filter bags
  • directions

Refill: 3oz Approx 60 servings


Add 1 teaspoon to filter bag or tea diffuser, add 8oz boiling filtered water, steep 5-7 mins. Can be enjoyed hot or cold, anytime of the day. Enjoy regularly & start tracking your results!

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