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Derma Roller ~ #FabGlo ~ w/ case
Derma Roller ~ #FabGlo ~ w/ case
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Derma Roller ~ #FabGlo ~ w/ case

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The #FabGlo Derma roller is an 'at-home' DIY microneedling tool that will bring your #tansylife pro aging to the next level! An affordable ProAging tool to give you smoother firmer skin!

  • Christmas special price!
  • Helps #tansylife skincare penetrate & increases in effectiveness
  • Can
    • be effective in minimizing scars, fine lines, wrinkles
    • improve skin texture
    • stimulate collagen production¬†
    • kickstart your skins natural healing process
  • Includes case
  • Do NOT roll on¬†active acne, extremely sensitive skin, rosacea, cold sores, or cuts
  • Replacement recommendations:
    • Using 2-3x/week - replace monthly
    • Using 1x/week - replace bi-monthly


  • Must be CONSISTENT for results!!
  • #Fabglo (derma) roll at night for optimum skin renewal
  • Start 1x/week & work up to 3-5x/week
  • Cleanse your skin (face, neck, d√©colletage) thoroughly immediately before rolling (use a #tansylife cleanser + treatment cloth)
  • Cleanse a 2nd time by spritzing¬†face with #tansylife Exhilirate Facial Mist¬†(the ingredient deck is antibacterial & will help ensure skin is prepared & cleansed) & use cotton swab to gently wipe all dirt off in an upwards motion
  • Spritz with #tansylife Exhilirate Facial Mist again
  • Sterilize roller with our Alcohol Citrus Cleanser
  • Divide your face, neck & d√©colletage into sections, on each section make two to four passes vertically, followed by another two to four rolls horizontally on the same section. Then, move on to the next area
  • Use very little to no pressure
  • When finished wait a couple of mins, make sure hands are clean & smooth a small amount of #tansylife Harmony balm over the areas you rolled.
  • Spritz Roller with¬†Alcohol Citrus Cleanser¬†& leave out to dry
  • Store roller in provided case