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Herbal REFRESH Soak - Body & Feet - Organic

Herbal REFRESH Soak - Body & Feet - Organic

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Made with Organic premium quality aromatic herbs and spices, our Organic Herbal REFRESH Soak is for Bath and/or feet.

  • Provides a relaxing and aromatic blend that’s great for end of the day relaxation
  • The following may happen from the infusion of the premium organic ingredient infustion in your bath (based on research & holistic recommendations)
    • Sea Salt - can help you relax, ease achy muscles and joints, stimulate circulation. calm irritated skin, draws toxins from the body
    • Orange peel - Balances skin oils; softens skin; uplifts mood
    • Chamomile - Relaxing & Calming; soothing for irritated and sensitive skin. It helps to reduce redness & is antibacterial, can help to minimize scars and marks.
    • Lavender - Relaxing, antiseptic & healing
    • Rosemary - can help relieve joint and arthritis pain, fatigue, anxiety and even acts as a cleansing tonic for the skin
    • Rosehips - Pro-Aging DREAM  full of vitamins (vitamin E, vitamin C and B-carotene, a form of vitamin A), antioxidants and essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9).
    • Peppermintpromotes perspiration to help you sweat out toxins, anti-fungal, soothing, anti-inflammatory
  • Set of 3 - Each sachet is 1oz

Directions: Prepare bath or foot bath with warm water. Place Organic Herbal Bath Blend Bag directly in bath water and let set a few minutes; soak in bath.

Ingredients: Sea salt coarse, organic orange peel, organic chamomile flowers, organic lavender, organic rosemary leaf, organic raspberry leaf, organic rosehips, organic peppermint, organic sage leaf, organic lemongrass, organic red rose buds and petals, organic bay leaf, and organic cloves.