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Meet Fredrica & Amanda!

Fredrica and Amanda Beauty (FAB)

Two women

each with a God given passion & vision

brought together by the Grace of God

We met through Social Media, because of our passion for entreprenuership.  We live almost as far apart as 2 people in the contiguous US possibly can and yet couldn't be closer in Vision & heart.
ALL Women ARE beautiful - created by God in His image;
our struggle is that we don't always see ourselves as so.
We (FAB) don't see cosmetics as a $ sign, nor as a 'cover'... Ingredients need to accomplish goals of nourishing, pro-aging, rejuvenating NATURALLY
& become part of the solution of you embracing your holistic beauty.
YOU are already beautiful - and YOU are meant to SHINE from the inside out.
When you are FREE of beauty inhibition... then you WILL fulfill your Dreams, Visions & God given Purpose!!
It is our desire, hope & passion that SimplyFAB will feel like a trusted best friend;
reminding you daily of how amazing you truly are
Inspiring you to dig deep & reach for your stars.
We are committed
to Toxin-free beauty &
being as Sustainable as possible in all that we provide for you.
We invite you in & look forward to running along side you as you Shine!

A little big more about us....